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Broken Marble


Therapeutic Approach: FAQ


Most of us will have times in our lives when we experience emotional distress or feelings of unbalance. Dramatherapy works indirectly to bring unconscious processes to conscious awareness so that we can discover and explore on a deep yet safe level why this distress may be present.  
I have experience in working with depression, anxiety, stress, mood disorders, traumatic experiences, bereavement  and eating disorders. I am also experienced in working with family/relationship difficulties and with those supporting a family member with health issues. As well as encompassing dramatherapy techniques, my approach also focuses on the therapeutic relationship and how that might provide insight for other areas in life.


Anything disclosed in a session is kept confidential. Group members are also asked to agree to a confidentiality statement. Rarely, someone may disclose something that puts them or others at risk of harm. In this case other services may need to be contacted. This is unusual, in the event of this happening this would always be discussed with you first where possible.

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