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Dramatherapy is a type of psychological therapy that involves the use of the dramatic art-form to promote healing and understanding (BADth). Dramatherapists often work with stories, metaphor, objects and movement to engage the imagination and provide psychological safety when working with difficult or traumatic experiences.

People do not need to have experience of drama or acting to be able to engage in dramatherapy, although an interest can be helpful. Dramatherapists work with both children and adults in all manner of settings. In the UK, they are regulated by the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

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Like other therapeutic disciplines, dramatherapy can involve talking and reflecting with your therapist. However, as well as exploring things verbally, dramatherapy also uses movement and physicality in the work. This can be especially powerful when words can't be found or are not sufficient. Movement work can also help us to reconnect to our bodies and our physical awareness.

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Dramatherapists often use metaphor in their work, including things like stories, myths and symbols. Using metaphor can help to create distance from situations that may be troubling us, which in turn can assist us in exploring and understanding them. Other ways metaphor might be used include character and role work or the use of objects.

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Dramatherapy uses aspects of the dramatic art-form as part of a therapeutic process. Often, materials are used to enhance this process and this may include using fabrics, small objects, art materials, images, puppets or masks. However, there is no obligation to use such materials should you not wish to.

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